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Plant City's cheapest FFL transfer! $25 CASH out the door! (appointment only). Text me at: (863)-430-1232

Frequently Asked Questions

How much for an FFL transfer?

Quick answer is $25 cash out the door!
Most other places charge $40 PLUS.
Transfers are done at my office in Plant City, FL.
The hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, since it's only an office - and NOT a store.
Feel free call, OR text (preferred) 863-430-1232
Keep in mind, I do work a "real FT job", so our availability will have to match.
Best times for me are early morning till about 1 PM, 7 days a week...

Can I pick up my gun from your store?

I am a home based business. I have no actual storefront at this time.
However, YES, we can meet at my office in Plant City, FL. to fill out the paperwork and do the transfer.

Do you have an actual store? Hours?

NO. Not at this time. I am a home based dealer.
I mainly do online sales, and transfers.
Any transfers must be done at my office in Plant City, FL (by appointment)

How old do I have to be to buy a gun?

Simple answer. It's now 21 for ANY firearm LOCALLY, as far as I have been told.
State laws MAY vary in your area!

Do I need a background check to get a gun?

YES. Federal law requires that before the completion of the transfer, the licensee must contact the NICS/FBI for approval.
Background checks are performed at the FFL dealer that is receiving the firearm you purchased from us.
Background checks and transfer fees vary in price. Check with your local FFL dealers for information.
Generally $35 per gun is cheap. $40ish is average. If more, call other dealers!

How do I get my firearm?

Federal law allows us to ship a firearm only to a licensed dealer, with a current Federal Firearms License (FFL)
Let us know which dealer you would like your firearm sent to.
ALL dealers will charge a transfer fee, and background check. Shop around and check prices!

Background checks and transfer fees vary in price. Generally $25 per gun is cheap. $35-$40ish is average. If more, call other dealers!

If you are local to Plant City, FL, I'll do it for $25

Will you ship a gun to my area if it holds more rounds than I can legally own here?

Quick answer is MAYBE.
However, this decision really lies on YOUR local receiving FFL dealer, and not me.
I'm not going to modify (neuter) firearms before shipping them.
If we can ship to your FFL AS/IS will depend on if your local FLL is willing to accept the transfer, and make the firearm legal in your area!
This usually requires "pinning" magazines, etc. - so they can no longer hold X amount of rounds.....
I'll be in contact with them before I ship anything,
OR, if agreed upon us, I am willing to remove any higher capacity magazines that you are NOT allowed to have before I ship.
REMOVE ONLY, and NOT replacing with smaller capacity mags.